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Published in the following magazines

  • NRV Magazine 2021
  • Life in the Ivy Magazine 2020
  • Virginia Bride Magazine 2017
  • Bride Book Magazine 2017
  • Virginia Bride Magazine 2017
  • Bride Book Magazine 2016
  • PN June 2012
  • Floyd Virginia Magazine Spring/Summer 2014
  • Bride Book Magazine 2015
  • Pin Up Calendar 2014 Johnny’s Auto Restoration
  • Dames Planes and Automobiles Online Magazine 2013
  • Maleficient Beauty Online Magazine 2015

All through life I’ve been involved in art and art classes. Crafts, writing, singing. Photography is another way to capture what I see, the way I see it. My background in fitness and my B.S. in Business Management from Liberty University afford me a diverse, well rounded background in many areas. As a former model, I have felt what it’s like to be in front of the camera and know that every time we are in front of the camera doesn’t mean we feel our best! With my experience in front of the camera, I have the experience to help pose you in a way that you are comfortable, while letting you be yourself and also capturing images in a journalistic/candid style.  Life experiences and a love for helping people all tie into what I do as a photographer.

My two daughters are my life. They are my sunshine. This love for my kids helps me with a patience for child photography. I love the outdoors, hiking, running, biking. My desire and love for the outdoors means I can go where you want to go. My fitness level is high and that means I can walk the walk and shoot the shot! How about that?  I even have a motorcycle license. When my kids are a just a bit older I will start riding again!But, don’t get me wrong! I love the city life. Love, love, love cities. Urban, lifestyle and even urban decay are so intriguing to me. So a trip to the city to do a shoot? Sure!  I want to go have fun with you! A shoot should be fun and it’s about building a relationship with you! I will walk the miles with you. Go on a hike with you. Do you have a favorite tree? Do you have a favorite restaurant? Let’s see if we can shoot there. It’s your shoot,  it’s your time.

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